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Terms of Use

Welcome to the City! City42 would like to inform you that the privacy of our members is of the utmost concern. This is why we’ve developed this code of conduct. This code of conduct simply outlines appropriate behaviors and procedures that should be used by you and other members of this site. This code of conduct does not limit what we may deem inappropriate and may change at any time. We feel that you should check these polices often, as you will be expected to adhere to them, if at any point you feel the practices and policies of this code are in violation of your personal policies, please feel free to discontinue the use of this site at any time.

* As a user of City42 you are expected to show respect and good conduct to all other members of the site.
* The posting of offensive material (i.e. racist, bigoted, or hateful messages or messages of harm.) is strictly prohibited.
* Harassment of any kind is strictly prohibited. Members or users of this site are forbidden to send inappropriate messages or comments that may be deemed questionable.
* The use of this site to distribute inappropriate, unauthorized or unsolicited advertising or promotional offers not approved by the staff of city42 is strictly prohibited.
* The collection of information that may be considered personally identifiable information (i.e. phone numbers, addresses or any other account information, email addresses.) is strictly prohibited.
* Te impersonation of other members is forbidden. As a member of the City you will not repost information, pictures or any other types of media that you do not have sole permission to post.

The administrative members of the City will investigate any act or attrition against this policy with swift and decisive force. By using this site you agree to the policies. These policies are also non-limiting to us here at the City. The City reserves the right to dismiss you from the site without prior notice.