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How I detest....

How I detest the fatal final curtain! I never find life dull or wearying And I don’t care for any time or season When I don't have a cheerful song...


06.29.10 10:26 PM by Jatie  
I am good how are you. What are you guys doing on the 4th of july, it's this sunday? We want to go out but first watch fireworks somewhere?
06.25.10 08:35 PM by Matt Play  
thx bro.. .yeah Im just figuring out the site... cool stuff!
04.27.10 06:05 PM by bananaispy  
thanks!!! :D
03.01.10 11:57 PM by svetik  
02.11.10 11:28 PM by irini1988  
Kak vsegda, naslazhdaemsya zhizn'u! A ti chto, opyat v Crobar igraesh?
12.23.09 04:55 PM by dima1978  
. ?
12.04.09 10:44 AM by YEGOR  
same shit different day ! hows your life going?
12.01.09 03:10 PM by brownsugga87  
Life is good in away..its been a minute since ive made it over its so hard since its a long about u hows things?? whats new??
12.01.09 02:47 PM by brownsugga87  
When is WMC..are u going??
11.11.09 12:37 PM by babypooh_w  
what a nite!!!! great lol :)))
11.03.09 09:42 PM by xxasiczkaxx  
it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
10.10.09 03:11 AM by xxasiczkaxx  

i am more into harder beats... but its really relaxing... i like that transiotion on 37min

10.02.09 10:17 PM by xxasiczkaxx  
happy birthday!!! i dont know if i will go to crobar cuz i go there too often... but im going to see armin van burren on friday for sure...but i will denifitly text you if i go there..nice pictures btw lol
10.02.09 10:02 PM by xxasiczkaxx  
i saw you last saturday... u were like standing next to me lol... but u didnt si hi :P
09.27.09 01:39 PM by calebcroche  
happy birthday admin!