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Calvin Klein Works Hard For Your Money

New York – "Subtly sexy," was the theme of the Calvin Klein men's and women's apparel and accessories for Fall 2009, said creative director Kevin Carrigan at the collection's presentation on Thursday, March 26, in New York, which included everything from relaxed sportswear for the office to a new denim collection, Calvin Klein Jeans Body.

"There's a return to dressing up again," said Carrigan. "We're calling it 'refined eighties,' with good fabrics that are softly sculptured, rather than linear and hard." This is not the eighties of severe angles, touch chic and New Wave haircuts, in other words. Instead, it's the "Working Girl" eighties of loose blazers with pushed up sleeves, high-waisted leather skirts, and splashes of red, "the new pop color of the season," he said.

And get ready to shelve the opaque black tights to make room for a new version of legwear.

"It's all about the sheer hose with a sandal, something we haven't had it in a while," said Carrigan.

The sheer hose is just one of the new offerings from the Calvin Klein Underwear "Black" collections for women, a more sophisticated take on underpinnings for Calvin Klein with all-lace styles made with antique French lace machines. For men, "Black," includes classic underwear silhouettes in lightweight microfiber fabrics while the new "White" collection consists of luxe stretch cotton.

Calvin Klein Jeans, one of the company's signatures, introduced the Body collection, styles for men and women that focus on enhancing the body through a new fit, which Carrigan said they developed over eight or nine months.

"I wanted to launch a sexy jean for Calvin," said Carrigan, who explained that in recent seasons, denim factories have been more concerned with finishes, from embellishments to varying washes, rather than the technology of how the jeans are designed for the body. "It's a study in fit to make her look sexy," he said.

There are significant differences, explained Carrigan. For example, the yoke seam on the back of the jean is reversed. Instead of being sewn inward, the seam curves outward, following the curve of the body. And while the jeans are low-rise, the prevailing style for several years now, a new innovation here is a piece of elastic in the waistband to prevent unsightly gapping in the back, so that the jean hugs the body.

At $79, the designer jean with a high tech fit is a well-priced addition to one's denim closet. Eventually, added Carrigan, they plan to expand the Body jean collection to include a Body jacket, as well as t-shirts, all with a precision fit.